How many of these painful statements describe your marriage right now?

  • We’re at a breaking point in our relationship.
  • At least one of us has expressed a strong desire to leave.
  • A terrible betrayal has shattered the trust we once had.
  • One or both of us have cheated.
  • We haven’t had sex with each other in months, maybe even years.
  • We can’t talk to each other anymore.
  • We went to counseling, but it failed miserably.
  • We are SO busy we don’t have weeks or months to spend in traditional therapy.
  • We’re nearly out of hope — but we still want to give our relationship one last chance.

Hard as it is to believe right now, you CAN turn toward one another again. I will show you how.

How Marriage Intensives Work


No matter how busy you are or how demanding your schedule, there is a way for you to quickly and effectively rebuild your marriage. I’ve seen it happen for countless couples and I’m ready to make it happen for you too.

When you commit to a 1-day or 2-day Marriage Counseling Intensive, you will discover new hope for your relationship. Together, you will build the skills and communication techniques that enable you to thrive as never before.

Even if you don’t live in the Seattle area, I encourage you to reach out to me. We can arrange an intensive experience that will fit your busy schedule and create the progress you are hoping to achieve.

“We were literally on the brink of divorce. I had no idea if we could ever move past all the confusion and pain that had built up. Thank you, Lori, for helping us find our way back to each other!” – A.J.


A marriage counseling intensive isn’t for everyone. This approach is specifically designed for busy people like you who are feeling deep doubts, yet realize how crucial their marriage is to their lifelong happiness. They are willing to invest 1 or 2 days to discover the strengths that can bring them back together again as a loving, supportive couple.

You will benefit from a marriage counseling intensive if …

YOU KNOW THE TIME IS NOW. Your relationship is at a turning point and you want to find the answers before it’s too late.

YOU WANT FAST PROGRESS. The slow pace and constant setbacks of traditional counseling are not a good fit. You want to dive deeper and move faster toward the solutions you urgently need.

YOU ARE READY TO REDISCOVER THE GOOD INSIDE YOUR RELATIONSHIP. You believe that, with professional help, you can see where you’ve gone wrong and discover how to make it right again.

YOU WANT A PERSONALIZED, IN-DEPTH EXPERIENCE. You are looking for an insightful therapist who will quickly identify the issues you are facing and introduce you to proven techniques that melt tensions and rebuild intimacy.

“We were fighting 24/7 about everything … it was getting SO crazy. Lori could see where we were stuck and immediately showed us how turn things around. What a relief to escape from the traps we’d been falling into for years.” – M.B.T.


The exciting news is that you will begin to make progress even before we actually meet. Our work starts with a series of questions that I share with you via email. In responding to this confidential questionnaire, you will have the chance to express your personal struggles, the way you see your marriage and the kind of relationship you hope to create. This gives me the background I need to design a focused, effective marriage counseling intensive based on your unique needs. 

Your intensive will take place in my office in Bellevue, Washington, just 20 miles west of downtown Seattle. If you are coming in from out of town, I can suggest lodging that will be comfortable and convenient for you.

We will meet from 9 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., with breaks in the morning and afternoon. A full 90-minute lunch break assures that you will have time to rest and recharge between sessions.

Whether you choose a 1-day or 2-day intensive, you will leave with a custom guidebook filled with the powerful exercises we practiced together. I will include other resources chosen for your specific needs. Your personalized guidebook empowers you to continue building on the tremendous progress you’ve made during your marriage intensive, moving you closer and closer together as you create the loving, trusting relationship you both want.


Depending on your needs, I will recommend a 1-day or 2-day experience that will put your marriage back on track.


This is the fastest and most powerful way to identify the crucial issues that are keeping you apart and empower you to work as an effective, caring team. During your Marriage Discovery Intensive, we will:

  • Quickly get to the heart of recurring arguments so you can understand what sets off anger and keeps the conflict going
  • Learn more about the reactions that are triggered in your brain when you disagree – and how you can master your reactions for clearer, more loving communication
  • Explore the roots of the crisis you are experiencing right now and create an effective roadmap to move you toward deeper empathy and understanding
  • Move from blame to change, a crucial shift in thinking that will transform the way you relate to one another
  • Embrace and practice the skills you need to restore closeness, respect and mutual support in your marriage

You will be amazed at the progress we will make in a single day! Over and over again, couples tell me they’ve learned more in a Marriage Discovery Intensive than they’ve learned in months or even years of traditional therapy. This rapid progress gives them solid ground to build on – and they leave with specific tools and exercises that will keep them moving in the right direction. 

“Seriously … things were so bad that I didn’t think a 1-day retreat could really do anything for us. I’m glad to say I was wrong! I only wish we’d done this sooner.” – J.R.


This longer, more in-depth marriage intensive gives you even greater support to overcome major issues and develop new skills that will lead you back to each other. Devoting 2 full days to your marriage represents a solid commitment to your future – a powerful step that can completely turn things around for both of you.

During your Marriage Renewal Intensive, we will:

  • Untangle the roots of blame, shame and conflict that keep you deadlocked
  • Clarify each partner’s thoughts, feelings and desires
  • Learn to tolerate the tension of differences, a skill that actually brings you closer together
  • Discover that empathy and understanding are more crucial to your relationship than focusing on specific problems
  • Explore any betrayals that have broken your trust in each other
  • Look at differences in motivation: Is one of you more committed to the marriage? How can you move forward together?
  • Understand the roles you’ve played in your relationship and how to reshape them
  • Outline the new skills that will help you build a new relationship founded on compassion, understanding and respect

The 2-day Marriage Renewal Intensive is ideal for couples that realize they need in-depth support to rebuild their relationship from the inside out. Focused sessions help us get to the core issues quickly, while refreshing breaks enable us to shift gears and keep making progress together. You will practice skills using real examples from your life together and leave with a detailed progress plan you can build on every day.

“One weekend was definitely NOT too much to give in order to repair the relationship we hoped would last forever. No question … it’s the best gift we ever gave each other.” – M.T.


As an experienced couples therapist who has successfully worked with hundreds of married partners, I have made a lifelong study of what people need in order to overcome the confusion and conflicts that build up over time. The truth is, most marriages suffer from well-known patterns that drive people apart – leaving both partners feeling lonely, disillusioned and betrayed.

The encouraging news is that it doesn’t have to end there. The field of couples therapy has created solid, research-based approaches that have been proven to restore the love and understanding that you and your partner need from one another.

I have studied with recognized experts such as Esther Perel, Stan Tatkin and Michelle Weiner-Davis as well as Drs. Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson, co-founders of the Couples Institute. I draw extensively on the Developmental Model of couples therapy that Ellyn and Peter have developed, which gives us a powerful way to see each of you as individuals within an evolving relationship. My years of study and practical experience make it possible for me to create an effective, fully customized intensive experience that will empower you as individuals and partners.


Can we afford a marriage intensive?

Think about it this way. What would you give in order to restore the love, trust and support you once felt in your marriage?

Virtually all couples tell me those things are priceless to them. So the question might be – can you afford NOT to invest in your relationship at this crucial point?

There’s no doubt that the upfront cost of a marriage intensive differs from traditional therapy. Yet as an experienced therapist, I can tell you that no other method delivers the rapid results that couples experience when they commit to a marriage intensive. Most people tell me that it’s the best money they’ve ever spent. Many consider it a gift they’ve given each other — especially when they think about the horrendous financial and emotional costs that always come with divorce.

Your marriage is worth it. Which means you owe it to each other to consider making this investment in your long-term happiness.

What can we really accomplish in just 1 or 2 days?

You may believe that it will take years to untangle the issues that have built up. But the perspective you can gain through the marriage intensive experience is a true game-changer. You will learn so much about yourself and your partner – because we won’t be subject to the same old stop-and-start pattern of traditional therapy. Diving deep into the patterns that drive your relationship will enable us to see where you’re stuck and redirect your energies toward satisfying solutions.

The other great advantage of a marriage intensive is the chance to explore and practice new skills that will help you provide mutual support for each other. These simple changes are remarkably effective – and you’ll leave my office feeling confident in your ability to carry them into your everyday life. I will also provide you with a wealth of supplemental readings and exercises to support your continued success.

I’m worried that we’ll feel overwhelmed by the process. Isn’t it exhausting?

Most couples tell me that they feel just the opposite! The discoveries they make during a marriage intensive actually give them a burst of energy as they see the potential that is still alive within their marriage. It’s amazing to witness the motivation that comes to the forefront when both partners realize they have the power to change the course of their relationship. It’s a great experience for all 3 of us!

Remember, too, that we will take refreshing breaks in the morning and afternoon, plus a 90-minute lunch – so you will have plenty of time to relax and recharge your batteries. If you choose the 2-day Marriage Renewal Intensive, our 4:30 end time ensures that you will have plenty of time to rest overnight. Thanks to years of successful experience in couples counseling, I am able to shape the timing of your sessions to ensure a positive outcome.

What if we still need help after our marriage intensive?

Many couples return for a second intensive a few months later. Generally, these take place in my Bellevue offices – but I also offer live sessions via videoconference.

Either way, this option gives you the support you need to make continuous progress. I am dedicated to helping you succeed with each other over the long term.

“After we got home, we realized just how close we’d come to splitting up – and how LUCKY we were to work with Lori at the right point in time. I’m so grateful we did this.” – P.B.

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