A Unique and Effective Approach

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There Is Hope for Your Marriage

No matter how busy you are, no matter how demanding your schedule, A Marriage Counseling Intensive can help you quickly reclaim the intimacy and connection you long for in your relationship.

You may be tired of the repetitive arguments, or may have experienced a recent betrayal such as an affair. Perhaps you’re questioning if you even want to save your relationship.

And I get it. You’re busy. Your partner is busy. But your relationship is a priority – and you feel a sense of urgency to make things better.

So rather than adding the stress of weekly couple’s therapy appointments to your already busy schedule, a Marriage Counseling Intensive allows you to maximize your time so you can restore your relationship fast! You get to choose the time and the schedule that works best for you.

What Is a Marriage Counseling Intensive?

A Marriage Counseling Intensive is designed for the busy couple (like you) who wants an in-depth, targeted approach to working through the relationship issues that have been holding you back and causing you pain.

This allows you to get six months of therapy in two days as we work in a very focused way, and I provide a clear roadmap with strategies to guide you. This is a unique and effective approach and is often preferred by couples who want to get solutions fast.

Over the course of either a one or two-day immersive session, we will hone in on resolving the issues that have been keeping you stuck. We’ll focus on identifying you’re particular challenges, building communication, and helping you develop the skills that will enable you, your partner, and your relationship to flourish and grow.

How Do I Know if a Marriage Counseling Intensive is Right for Us?

What Can I Expect During a Marriage Counseling Intensive?

In order to get the most traction and benefit from our time together, we will schedule either a one or two-day, 8-hour Intensive.

During that time, you will establish clear targeted goals, learn skills to improve communication so that you can have the relationship you both want.,

A Marriage Counseling Intensive will help you:

  • Strengthen your ability to manage your reactions and discover how asking good questions can help your partner understand their own thoughts and feelings.
  • Develop clarity about recurring arguments so you can get to the bottom of what you and your partner are really arguing about.
  • Gain proven tools that will enable you and your partner to manage conflict so you can finally talk about the hard stuff
  • Begin to understand that differences are normal, and to be expected. You will develop skills that will help you and your partner manage those differences.

I’ll also provide you with Supplemental Materials that will help you and your partner continue to practice new skills and build on your Intensive experience.

To help you sustain your progress going forward, I recommend following up with three 90-minute coaching sessions. These can be scheduled at times that work for you.


What Is Your Approach with a Marriage Counseling Intensive?

My approach is tailored to each couple’s specific needs. I will create a specific individualized plan that will propel you both in a direction of having the relationship you desire.

I incorporate the theories and tools from the Developmental Model of Couples therapy founded by Dr. Ellyn Bader and Dr. Pete Pearson.

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