Is there anything worse than living inside a broken marriage? I know just how agonizing it can be — because I’ve been there myself.

When I married the love of my life, I believed we’d be together forever. We were such close, supportive partners that I could never imagine us hurting each other.

But one by one, our differences emerged. We were surprised to find how hard it was to talk about them. Before long, we were avoiding those thorny subjects. A painful distance was growing between us and I feared for our relationship as we drifted farther and farther apart.

With expert guidance, we were able to reaffirm the truth about marriage. There will always be differences. The danger arises when couples can’t address them in a loving, caring way. When this happens, the issues turn into heated conflicts that can transform partners into enemies and often lead to divorce.

Our marriage counselor helped us embrace the skills we needed to communicate freely about our differences without fear, anger or avoidance. This restored the intimate connection between us and literally gave our relationship new life.

If your marriage is hanging by a thread right now, I want you to know that there is hope. Even when lies and infidelity have destroyed the trust between you, it is possible for you to recover and rebuild.

After 30+ years as a marriage and family therapist, I’ve succeeded in helping hundreds of couples restore the love, respect and intimacy they thought was lost forever. I draw on a lifetime of study and practical experience that focuses on proven skills couples can learn together.

My early work as a speech pathologist introduced me to the intricate workings of the brain – knowledge I continue to use every day. I’ve also studied with the world’s most trusted marriage experts, including Esther Perel, Stan Tatkin, Michelle Weiner-Davis and Drs. Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson, co-founders of The Couples Institute.

The Developmental Model that Ellyn and Peter pioneered is the foundation of my therapeutic approach. This model reflects an in-depth understanding of how we become attached to one another and how our individual strengths can contribute to the lifelong health of our relationships.

What would it mean to move beyond the pain and doubt you’re feeling right now? To rediscover the loving potential within your marriage … and create the relationship you’ve always dreamed of having?

The answers are waiting for you right now. Let’s take the first steps together.

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