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If you feel frustrated with recurring patterns in your life that seem to be leading you away from peace and satisfaction, you may be ready to take a deeper look at what’s happening. Working with an experienced psychotherapist gives you the chance to develop new perspectives that can help you move toward a more fulfilling life.

As a therapist working with individuals and couples, I draw on the full range of expertise I have gained in a health care career that spans more than 35 years. I work in a collaborative, non-judgmental manner that aims to promote positive change. Helping you discover what isn’t working for you will open the doors to new solutions. I bring a heartfelt understanding of humanity to our working relationship, creating a safe space for you to share your feelings and experiences in a way that makes transformation possible.


Over the past three decades I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of people struggling to rebuild their lives in the wake of a brain injury.

For virtually all patients, the process of recovery feels slow, confusing and frustrating. Many are coping with hidden symptoms that others can’t see or understand. Spouses and partners often struggle with their own grief and anguish, and I’ve found that they need just as much support as their brain-injured loved ones in order to cope and adapt.

In working with brain-injured patients and their partners, I draw on my skills as a trained speech pathologist and former clinical director of brain injury centers in California and Utah. Together, we work toward a compassionate understanding of the brain-injured person’s “new normal” and the practical actions needed to reestablish healthful sleep, good communication, sexual intimacy and much more.


I offer webinars and group workshops for therapists seeking to understand brain injuries and their impact on patients, spouses and partners. I am also available to consult with individuals and couples via Skype, helping therapists create a full circle of support for their patients. Learn more about specialized resources for therapists here.

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“We were literally on the brink of divorce. I had no idea if we could ever move past all the confusion and pain. Thank you, Lori, for helping us find our way back to each other!” – A.J.

“I suffered from depression and anxiety, which made everyday life really hard. Lori’s warmth, intuitive nature and skills helped me get past these issues.” – C.B.

“Lori was the first couples therapist who actually gave us hope. Her expertise helped us learn the skills to have the marriage we always dreamed of. She was warm, direct and fair in working with both of us.” – S.A.

“Lori, thank you so much for arranging our couples retreat. Getting away from all our responsibilities and working with you was AMAZING. We could really hear each other and give all our energy to healing.”  – M.T.

“Seriously … things were so bad that I didn’t think a 1-day marriage intensive could really do anything for us. I’m glad to say I was wrong! I only wish we’d done this sooner.” – J.R.


10 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Brain-Injured Spouse or Partner

Help spouses and partners who seek to minimize struggles and communicate with greater compassion. An illuminating tool for couples working to overcome the effects of brain injury together.

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