Do you feel your relationship is on the brink right now? Are you rapidly losing hope that the two of you can somehow find a way to stay together?

If you’re nodding your head as you read this, please don’t give up. Based on my success with hundreds of couples just like you, I know that your marriage isn’t hopeless. You can find your way back to each other – and create the loving, nurturing relationship you both want and deserve.

Drawing on my 30-plus years as a marriage counselor and couples expert, I now offer custom Couples Retreats for those living outside the Seattle area. Couples from all over the country are finding that a 1-day or 2-day break from their everyday lives helps them dive deep into the issues that are tearing them apart … an experience that reveals how hurts can be healed and new skills acquired, creating a hopeful foundation for their future.

Good Communication


Right now, you may feel so overwhelmed by the issues in your marriage that you have no idea what to do next. Whether you’re fighting constantly or you’ve both retreated into an icy silence, you may feel the answers are far, far away … if they exist at all.

Stepping away from your regular lives into the focused, safe space of a Couples Retreat can reveal the patterns that may be impossible for you to see right now. I will help you:

  • Clarify the issues that repeatedly come up, fueling conflict and forcing you farther and farther apart
  • Explore the betrayals that have destroyed the trust you once shared
  • Express the painful feelings you’ve hidden for so long – and the communication habits that are keeping you from fully understanding each other
  • Learn how each of you responds to stress and find ways to offer each other compassionate support when life feels overwhelming
  • Create a climate of understanding and forgiveness within your marriage, restoring the mutual respect you both need so much
  • Build and practice skills you can use to strengthen your relationship every day, empowering you to repair and renew your marriage from the inside out

“It had taken us YEARS to get to this point. How could a 2-day experience change all that? I had serious doubts … but Lori showed us how to communicate in an entirely new way. I left feeling confident we could be a loving couple again.”  — J.E.B.


If you think your retreat will be something like a spa weekend, where you drink smoothies, attend yoga classes and chat with other couples in a group setting … think again. This is a focused, intensive experience designed exclusively for the two of you. Our objective is to quickly get at the issues and empower you to make more progress than you’d see in 3 to 6 months of traditional therapy.

Imagine what a game-changer this can be for your marriage. Being heard, understood and empowered to create the loving, supportive relationship you’ve always wanted … all within the span of a 1-day to 2-day experience you give to each other.

“Lori, thank you so much for arranging our retreat. Getting away from all our responsibilities and working with you was AMAZING. We could really hear each other and give all our energy to healing. We’re using the follow-up exercises and I’m happy to tell you things are going great.”  – M.T.


How do you make such fast progress with us?

The secret lies in the commitment you make to each other – and the focused techniques that I bring to the process. When you pledge to spend this time together, devoting all your energies to each other and to your relationship, something magical happens. We are able to quickly see where tensions and issues have built up. Proven techniques give us the tools we need to redirect the way you communicate and show you how to respond thoughtfully and lovingly to each other. There’s none of the stop-and-start frustration you may have experienced in regular therapy. Couples are amazed at the breakthroughs that are possible when they devote themselves to the retreat process.

Isn’t it expensive?

When you think about what your shattered marriage is costing you already in terms of pain, confusion and uncertainty, the cost of a Couples Retreat will seem totally manageable. It’s so important to realize that your marriage is the foundation of your health and happiness. What would you give to restore the love and mutual support you once had? Most couples tell me that a good relationship is priceless to them … and a Couples Retreat was the best investment they ever made, especially when they think about the agony and financial ruin a divorce could bring into their lives.

Where does the retreat take place? What’s the schedule like?

You will meet with me in my offices in Bellevue, Washington, about 20 minutes west of downtown Seattle. Most couples prefer a 2-day weekend retreat, but I am often able to schedule sessions during the week to accommodate busy lives.

Each day begins at 9:00 a.m., with refreshing breaks in the morning and afternoon, plus a 90-minute lunch to give you plenty of time to rest and recharge your batteries. Our 4:30 p.m. end time gives you a full evening to relax and return feeling refreshed the next day.

The Seattle area is filled with delightful restaurants and lodging options. I am happy to recommend places for you to stay and things for you to enjoy while you’re in the area. Many couples stay for a few extra days after their retreat to celebrate the progress they’ve made together.

How can we keep making progress after we return home?

You will leave your Couples Retreat with a custom guidebook filled with the powerful exercises we practiced together. I will include other resources chosen for your specific needs. Your personalized guidebook empowers you to continue building on the tremendous progress you will make during your retreat, moving you closer and closer together as you create the loving, trusting relationship you both want.

Many couples find they can navigate confidently after their retreat without further sessions. Others choose to schedule a second retreat a few months after our first meeting. I can meet with you in my offices or via videoconference. Either way, please know that I am devoted to helping you create a stronger, more loving marriage and I will be here when you need me.

“I had given up on us. What a sad, devastating feeling. You can’t imagine how grateful I am that we found Lori in time. Our Couples Retreat dealt with years and years of misunderstandings … I can’t believe how different our marriage is today.” – B.K.

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