Your FREE Guide to Working with TBI Clients: The 5 Stages of Overcoming Traumatic Brain Injury

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Gain confidence working with traumatic brain injury clients, couples, and families.

They need you! As a therapist that has worked with brain injury clients for over 40 years, I want to help you work more effectively with this population, their partners, and families.

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About Lori Weisman

In a health care career that spans more than 40 years I have worked with thousands of individuals, couples and families seeking to overcome many kinds of personal challenges. My early training in speech pathology gave me the opportunity to study the intricacies of the brain’s functioning. As a former clinical director of brain injury centers in California and Utah, I have also worked with patients and couples who are grappling with the physical, cognitive and emotional challenges that result from brain injuries. I had the opportunity to train and supervise the complete team providing care for this population. As an expert witness, I have helped courts and juries understand the difficulties that brain injured patients face.

In 1993, I established my private psychotherapy practice in Bellevue, Washington, where I continue to work with individuals and couples searching for help with a broad range of life issues. People come to me for compassionate, focused support in learning better ways to deal with stress, anxiety, career struggles and complex family and relationship issues. Many patients are dealing with the effects of substance abuse, mood disorders and other psychological conditions that require specialized support. My goal is to create the safe space they need to share their feelings freely and explore new perspectives that will open the door to positive solutions.

As a brain injury specialist, I also work in partnership with other psychotherapists who are treating patients and couples recovering from brain injuries. Therapists can learn more about webinars, group workshops and one-on-one patient consulting services here.

Get Your FREE Guide to Working with TBI Clients:
The 5 Stages of Overcoming Traumatic Brain Injury

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With this FREE Guide You Will

  • How traumatic brain injury happens: some of the causes may surprise you!
  • What medical teams usually DON’T tell people after a TBI
  • The unique feelings of pain, grief and loss that people with TBI struggle with
  • How the power balance in primary relationships can shift, forcing spouses and partners to rethink roles and responsibilities
  • How people heal — and the pivotal role you can play in helping them achieve peace and acceptance