Are you a psychotherapist who would like to learn more about caring for patients with traumatic brain injury (mTBI)?

If you want to stand out in your profession and develop skills to meet an overwhelming need for therapists specially trained in brain injury, I am here to help you understand the specific needs for this population.

These are just a few examples of how you can benefit from working with me.

  • I can help you address the common challenges mTbI patients face – and the best tools and techniques for helping them cope.
  • You will learn more about what to say and how to help once you have confirmed an mTBI diagnosis.
  • I can help you discover new ways to help spouses and family members deal with their own struggles and engage positively in their loved one’s recovery.
  • I will show you how to put the right team in place for a brain-injured client’s needs and the needs of his or her spouse.
  • I will offer you specific suggestions for the cases you are seeing in your practice, based on my experience with thousands of mTBI patients and the insights shared in our discussions.


“Lori Weisman is one of the most skilled and knowledgeable therapists in our region on understanding the complexity of brain injury as it relates both to the individual’s long-term success and the family. In particular, her passionate and compassionate support for couples as they navigate this difficult journey is outstanding. She is a great resource for the community and knowledgeable expert with national relevance.”
Deborah Pitcock Crawley
Executive Director, Brain Injury Alliance of Washington

“Having worked with Lori now with a number of mutual patients who are traumatized by terrible events in their life, I can emphatically state that Lori is the consummate professional. There are 3 essential hallmarks that explain why she is so great at what she does: compassion, commitment, and above all else, a huge reservoir of patience. She listens without judgment; she advises without condescension; and she follows through with promises without hesitation. Every single patient that that I have referred to Lori has unequivocally spoke of her in glowing terms. Having worked with her personally and getting to know her on a personal level, I certainly know why.”
Edward K. Le
Board-Certified Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Attorney
Greater Seattle Area

“Lori is an extremely accomplished therapist with decades of experience helping others heal, both individually and in their relationships. She is a specialist in the treatment of traumatic brain injury and how it impacts marriages. Her expertise is so needed at this time of increasing awareness of the high number of sport and other brain injuries that are going untreated in our culture. Besides her gifts as a therapist, Lori is also an exceptional human being. She is kind, caring, witty and down to earth. I am so happy to count her among my close colleagues and friends.”
Sue Diamond Potts
Director/Founder, The Good Life Therapy Centre, Inc.
Vancouver, Canada Area

“Lori Weisman is the best couples counselor in the area, and the only one that I am aware of who specializes and understands the area of brain injury. Her combination of experience and knowledge is rare in our field. Lori provides treatment, training, and consultation for those who are dealing with a brain injury themselves as well as to those who are treating these clients. I strongly recommend herwithout any reservations. She is the best!”
Martha Glisky
Greater Seattle Area

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