If you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury, you may be facing a number of devastating symptoms and effects.

  • Difficulty concentrating and paying attention
  • Struggling to remember things
  • Constant headaches or migraines
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia or major shifts in sleep patterns
  • Trouble following through with everyday tasks
  • Looking and feeling healthy on outside, but feeling broken on the inside
  • Feel shame and embarrassment because you are not the same
  • Not wanting to go out –or wanting to leave early from social events
  • Difficulty tolerating the level of noise in public places, such as restaurants
  • Inability to return to work or handle chores around the house
  • Profound feelings of loss and sadness

These issues can be troubling, even infuriating at first. But based on my 40 years of successful experience in treating thousands of individuals with brain injury, I know these challenges can be overcome.

If you are an individual struggling with the effects of a brain injury, I will help you make sense of what has happened to you and create a new life that offers meaning, purpose and satisfaction.

I am ready to put the full range of my knowledge and expertise to work for you.


10 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Brain-Injured Spouse or Partner

Help spouses and partners who seek to minimize struggles and communicate with greater compassion. An illuminating tool for couples working to overcome the effects of brain injury together.

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